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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by bonc, Aug 8, 2005.

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    Sony DVP NS52P

    What a beauty!

    I saw this at the weekend in a Comet store for £79.99, aesthetically it is perfect in my eyes.... (I couldnt bring myself to purchase the Samsung 950, too many reservations and the disco lights Lcd display being the clincher!)

    What I want to ask you guys before I purchase this one for myself (second DVD) and my mate possibly is does anyone have any experience with this player?

    (Nobody seems to talk much about sony DVD players on this forum - I hope thats not a sign!!!)

    I know it has a 12bit/108 video dacs which must be very impressive indeed via scart, I dont know if this would also transpire for the component connections?

    It states it plays Divx, does it also play Mpeg4's?

    Does anyone know a multiregion hack for this player?

    I'm assuming its only 480p via component?

    p.s Whats the deal with High definition CRTs - see I'm trying to see if I can get all the joys of High definition video without all the lows of analogue/freeview pains associated with LCD or Plasma via the scart inputs!.

    I know theres not many about, are they feasible? would I be getting high definition standard via the component connections or even HDMI slot (if available)

    Am I kidding myself and HDTV CRT is prone to the same problems as and LCD/Plasma with the likes of smearing, macro blocking etc! (im sure analouge sources and digital sources will be just the same reasonable output as per scart as normal CRT's?)


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