Goovis Cinego G2 / General Tips for Cinema VR


I've been using my Cinego for some time now. I mostly use it when I'm travelling in Airbnbs. So thought I'd post some tips:

  • Even though the panels are OLED. The black level isn't OLED black - more like Plasma or a good LCD.
  • For best picture quality don't use the Android media player.
  • Similarly to OLED TV's the panels have a hard time with noisy sources and near black banding/noise. It's way worse than on my LG 930v and C6 OLEDs. I've learnt from the LG's a few processing settings with MadVR go a long way. Firstly - set the panel to 5bit in MadVR. MadVR's dithering is so good you won't notice in bright scenes - and it REALLY cleans up all the noise in low light scenes.
  • Use debanding on full strength
  • Play with the MadVR gamma processing - I found a 1.85/1.80 Gamma really improves image depth. Otherwise it looks washed out.

I suspect the headset does no further image processing than the input, so MadVR is a big help here. With the above combined it's a night and day improvement.

I'm able to run all the MadVR settings on a Galaxy Book 12 that only has an integrated GPU - so it's a good mobile solution. With the headset on I just use a wireless mouse to get things playing. My Galaxy Book 12 has an amazing OLED screen but i've found that most places I stay at lack any sort of light control - so you can never really get immersed. The beauty of a VR headset is that you can just don it and it's a pitch black cinema.

I've got some headphone surround tips I'll post about too. I've been successfully using an open source tool called Impulcifier for an amazing 7 channel surround experience. The tool uses binural mics to measure speakers in your own room/theater. Think the Smyth Realiser but actually available and only requires a tiny investment in binural mics (£100 vs £4000). When doing that - audio sounds like it's coming from an acoustically transparent screen - it's incredible and way beyond Dolby Headphone/Atmos/DTS Headphone X/Waves etc.

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