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I just get an email from google+ with a thumbnail of a photo I have on my phone.
It's a photo of one of my kids.
I have not shared this photo or uploaded it onto the internet knowingly in any way so what is it doing in an email to me? :mad:

It also says.."The Instant Upload feature on your phone automatically uploads your photos to a private album on Google+. You can change your Instant Upload settings at any time on your phone"

I can't find a disable option and I want this removing, I recently updated android to the latest version so I assume this came with it??

How do I get rid of google+?
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From help page:

Enable or Disable Instant Upload

When you first sign in, you're prompted to enable or disable Instant Upload. You can change this at any time by going to your Google+ Settings.

Enable or disable Instant Upload

To change this setting after signing in:

Touch Menu > Settings
Select Instant Upload
Toggle Instant Upload On or Off
Enable sync for Instant Upload

When using Instant Upload, make sure Sync is enabled for Instant Upload on your device. You can find this option under your Google account sync settings. When enabling Sync for Instant Upload:

Make sure that you're currently signed into the Google+ app
Select the account that you're currently signed into
Consult your Android device's help documentation for specific instructions on how to configure sync options for your account. If you're using a Nexus device, visit the Android Help Centre for more information.

If you're not able to enable Instant Upload, have a look at these troubleshooting tips.

Using Instant Upload

Once enabled, photos taken with your device's camera will be uploaded to your private album on Google+. Instant upload won't work when you're signed out of Google+. When you sign out of the Google+ app, any pending photos or videos queued for upload won't be saved to your Instant Upload album. If you notice that photos and videos have not uploaded, use Upload all.

Rich Marshall

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Touch Menu > Settings
Select Instant Upload
Toggle Instant Upload On or Off
Enable sync for Instant Upload

Thanks, it was this bit I found confusing as it's worded (to me at least) as though you go into the phone menu > Settings.
There's no option to select instant upload there so I had to go into app manager and find google+ which I didn't know I even had. Then found the settings :facepalm:

All disabled now, it's annoying when you have to opt out of things you never knowingly signed up for though :mad:

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