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Morning all,

I cant see any information on this in the forum, so want to open discussions, mainly to improve my own understanding, and hopefully spread the word.

I have done a bit of reading and it seems Google Voice allows you to have an online 'phone number', that uses VOIP technology to route calls etc.

You can link in your exisitng mobile numbers and use the gv mobile app (cydia only) to manage calls directly via your iphone. The plus side seems to be free texts and cheap calls etc.

Now at a high level this seems pretty clear, but I want to understand if it can aid my situation?

I get a phone with work with free calls etc. so obviously use this on a daily basis. I put the sim in my iphone and all works fine except no internet/data (3G) as its a bog standard vodafone sim. I also have an O2 PAYG sim that I use sometimes in my iphone to get the free 12 months internet/data, so as you can imagine there is a lot of sim swapping.

What I want to know is....with GV Mobile, can I put my O2 sim in my phone all the time (to get the web access to google voice), but also link my work sim to my google voice number, so anyone ringing on my usual number can still get through?

Also, can I set up my calls to go out from my vodafone number (so friends dont need to change my number) even though I actually have my O2 sim in my phone?

Sorry if this is long, confusing and/or stupid, but it seems I dont quite understand how it all works, and havent managed to find the info online.

Thanks in advance


Correction - Apparently GV doesnt use VOIP, but my questions are still valid I think
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I think the most important thing is that GV is only available to users in the US at the moment. Ive got an account but cant set it up without a US mobile number.

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