Google TV and Amps


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Just a quick question that doesn't seem to be answered in the manuals (I've not got the Sony google tv yet, so can't just work it out!)

If you've got an AV amp, do you still put the Google TV box between the amp hdmi out and the TV?

If so how does sound from the Google TV get back to the amp? (I've never had my TV speakers on!)

Does HDMI support two-way transmission? or do you need an optical/coax digital link between the box and the amp too? and does it then compensate for the delay this would cause?


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weird, the manual says to install it as just another input source to the amp.

Didn't do that, and it seemed happy the pip worked with virgin, htpc and ps3 blu-ray.

Need to work out how much delay it's added though. And check 24p still works.

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