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Please see attached screenshots. This is absolutely doing my head in. It's always draining my battery but others I know don't have it show up at all.

I'm trying to avoid doing a factory restart add it took me ages to set this phone up from scratch.

Google doesn't seem to be able to provide me with a concrete answer and I don't want to disable Google sync if I can help it because then my push Gmail will stop working and I kind of need that.

Please help. Before I end up self harming or throw this beautiful phone out of the window and under a bus!

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I don't see a problem from what you've posted, 6% battery consumption over 3.5 hours is reasonable. Google services such as the play store, contacts sync etc are core services one would normally expect to occasionally wake up the phone for updates, so no issue there.

The 78% consumption is relative to what you've done on the phone, which from what you've posted, looks like it's hardly been used, so it's normal that background services would account for most of the battery consumption. If you have such a high percentage used by Google services after a whole day of normal use where you've made calls browsed the net and interacted a fair bit with the phone, then you have a problem, but if your phone is virtually unused, then this is normal.

Post again after a full day of use.


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