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Which Google+ Logo do you prefer?

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    Votes: 13 59.1%
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    Votes: 9 40.9%

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lol, I can't believe there is a poll on this! but

I voted for the new one, as it's more simple and less busy then the older one. Saying that, I'm not fussed either way.


Can you rehost the images on imgur or photobucket etc rather than hotlink them please, cheers :)


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Just realised that the new Google+ logo looks a like like the Guardian Law supplement twitter logo:



  • Screen shot 2011-12-15 at 20.54.59.png
    Screen shot 2011-12-15 at 20.54.59.png
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What's google+?



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haha I was just like 'really!?'..
then I saw the bottom of your post :p

As this post isn't really getting much attention.. not that it should :p you can all click the link yourselves to view the pictures, no point in wasting time to rehost them, and I didn't actually realise that hotlinking was bad until today :p sorry

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