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Hi. We have a google nest home display in our kitchen, a nest mini in the bathroom, and a home speaker in the living room and a lenovo smart clock with google assistant in our bedroom. I set all these up and it's fine with my (Scottish) voice. I've "invited" my wife to add her voice and she's gone thru the adding voice wizard on her home app on her phone... But only the bathroom speaker has registered her voice.

When she does the voice adding again and clicks "retrain" and goes through the steps, it still only comes up with bathroom speaker being registered with it.

How can all the speakers be trained? I already have them all linked under the same home app on my phone and hers. And on her device it shows all the speakers as shown on mine. Very frustrating as it rarely understands what she says, and its bizarre as she has a very clear loud american accent.

Thanks in advance for any advice


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Found this if any help.
  1. Open the Google Home app
  2. At the bottom, tap Home
    and then
  3. Under “Google Assistant services,” tap More settings.
  4. Tap Assistant
    and then
    Voice Match.
You'll get a list of speakers, Smart Displays, and Smart Clocks that are linked to your voice.

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