Google Glass app lets you take pictures in the blink of an eye


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Winky keeps you in the moment

It's not out in the wild yet but there's been a few apps appearing for Google Glass - the internet giants' wearable smart googles - in the last few days and this one seems like a natural fit.

Brought to us by App developer, Mike DiGiovanni, Winky allows users to snap instant photo's using the eyelid as the shutter button. DiGiovanni believes even requesting a photo by voice control or tapping a button is enough to take you out of the moment, and we can see where he's coming from.


The developer says its taken a bit of decompiling of GlassHome to get it working but the big technical hurdle turned out to be that at least one spot on Glass does some checking against the build type and disables the wink gesture completely. DiGiovanni was able to get around this by intercepting the wink with a higher priority than anything else.

The App is being released as pure Android source code for the benefit of other developers.

VIA: The Verge
Source: Google+


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