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My Mum recently bought an Acer C720 Chromebook. She is not tech savvy at all and has no interest in having a google account. Because of this she has been using the browse as guest function to use her machine. So my question is do you have to be signed in to a google account to receive/install the automatic system updates? I hope not as at some point she will probably complain that she can't access one of her favourite website because the browser/system needs updating etc. Its not a massive issue as I have a google account she can use if need be but i'd rather not get involved/confuse her. She literally just uses the machine as a web browser. She isn't interested in apps etc so she is perfectly happy browsing as guest and I don't want to stop her from doing that. Its taken long enough to convince her to get a new machine. She was previously using a 13 year old Windows XP laptop that she was becoming increasingly frustrated with, much to my amusement:laugh:. On the rare occasion she will need to word process, can she use google docs as a guest? She will also want to save them on the machine, is this possible? If not is there an app that I can download for her so she can do this? Perhaps Microsoft Office now that it has become available on the Chrome Store? Again this is not a major issue because it is a rarity. If need be she can use the old machine or use my google account. Thanks Sorry if I've posted in the wrong place.


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I hear what your saying about having no interest in setting up a Google account but it would solve 99% of the problems she is having and takes minutes to set an account up.

Another benefit is that Chrome will then store her browsing history and cache her usernames/passwords making surfing even easier for her.

She can also then download the free Google Docs offline app and this will save to the Chromebook local storage.


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Apologies i did forget to answer your main question didn't I...:)

YES...the Chromebook will update without being signed in. If your unsure at any point if it's updating or not simply click the word "Guest" in the corner of the tooltray>Click Settings>Click "Help" on the left side of the screen. You will see it check for updates and tell you the current software version.


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Is there an app on google play or chrome webstore to enable me to read .vcf files?

Gmail supports the importing of vcard files (.vcf) simply choose contacts when logged into Gmail, choose the "More" dropdown button and click Import, then browse to the location of your Vcard.

As i mentioned before using a chromebook without a google account makes simple everyday tasks very difficult.

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