Google Chromcast Audio digital dropouts


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I recently bought a Chromecast Audio which is connected to my Cambridge Audio DACMagic. When streaming from my Android phone using Deezer and sometimes MediaMonkey I experience frequent dropouts.

I have a TPLInk Archer D2 and it connects to the 2.4GHz radio.

Any suggestions?
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What, if any, trouble shooting have you tried so far?

Might be worth trying a different optical cable first I'd suggest.

You say drop outs but what is the nature of the dropout, does it sound like buffering where the music pauses while the network catches up or more like the DAC is losing the signal so the music continued playing?

Another consideration with Chromecast is power, they're a standard micro USB so can be powered different ways but if the power provided isn't sufficient it can cause funny issues. I tried my CCA plugged into a spare port on my TV Box but it caused weird issues donor might be worth checking how you power the device.


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I'm using the USB power adapter that came with it. It's more of a syncing issue with the DAC as you can see in the video.

I could try plugging it into my Marantz NR1508 and see if that makes a difference.

I had to order the cable online as I am in Chiang Mai and 3.5mm to Toslink cables are not so easy to find in the shops.

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I tried plugging it into my Marantz NR1508 and it seems to dropout less often but it still happens.

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