Google announces new 'in-depth' Search Feature

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    When a quick search just wont do

    Google has announced a new feature that it is to be included in searches, that will highlight in-depth articles and features based upon your search criteria.

    Google's research indicates perhaps 10% of people’s daily information needs are a bit more expansive than a quick search and cite examples such as stem cell research, happiness, and love to highlight the feature.

    The in-depth search results will run alongside the regular ones and will be shown in a separate box, like below. Here, the example is for a search on Web Censorship.


    Speaking on Google's Inside Search Blog, Pandu Nayak, a Member of their Technical Staff said:

    "I'm happy to see people continue to invest in thoughtful in-depth content that will remain relevant for months or even years after publication. This is exactly what you'll find in the new feature. In addition to well-known publishers, you'll also find some great articles from lesser-known publications and blogs."

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