GOODMANS LD2655HD - Please help!!!!


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I am after a small HDTV purely for my XBOX 360 in my "games" room and found this which appears to be a bargain at £299:

Trouble is there are absolutely no reviews anywhere on the web or on here!!

Has anyone got this model? If not, do the specifications look ok (they do to me?!) or should i be looking at something else if it is for gaming only?

Any advice greatly appreciated.



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Hi Richard
Here are some snatchs of 4 reviews for you.

You shold be awre that Goodmans and I think Bush dont actually make anything they are "Badge Stickers"

They are probably made by Vestel in Turkey.

That doesnt necessarily make them bad but can be difficult to find reviews on as they change their models and spec like you change your socks (if you see what I mean).

Anyway go to this link.



Goodmans LD2601 LCD Television Review in LCD TVs at Review CentreRead reviews of Goodmans LD2601 LCD Television in LCD TVs Compare Goodmans LD2601 LCD Television in Home Cinema ... Goodmans LD2655HD 26 in. LCD Television ... - 39k - Cached - Similar pages

4- Goodmans LD2601 Reviews
Review by
on 12th Mar 2007

User Rating : 3
Respect : 0
The book and product say Goodmans but apparently this IS NOT a Goodmans product, this should be told to the customer when they buy. When I rang Comet helpline, they could not give me a number to ring ...
kazzybee's full review | 45 words

Review by
on 10th Mar 2007

User Rating : 10
Respect : +2
Previous review comments about how to get rid of the green mapping have been ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! I am a 49 year old women and I followed all the advice given and took off the back off the television ...
snowbev's full review | 158 words

Review by
tv tony
on 14th Feb 2006

User Rating : 6
Respect : +1
I am in the electrical trade, and I can say 100% that the Goodmans LD2601 LVD TV is a Vestel. Most of the current range of LVD TV sets we meet are poorly made, especially the Vestel range. Picture ...
tv tony's full review | 98 words

Review by
on 31st Mar 2005

User Rating : 8
Respect : +1
The LD2601 is NOT MADE BY GOODMANS! (Confirmed by Goodmans themselves). Don't know yet who the manufacturer is but manufactured on behalf of COMET and Goodmans badge licenced by them. Unable so far ...
rv1234's full review | 68 words | 19 comments added

Goodmans LD2601 Web Sites


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OOPs sorry Richard.........I am too clever for my own good sometimes!!!!!!!

However as you have guessed the basic message is correct though.

I have been on courses and had it drilled into me to read things properly and I still dont do it!!!!!!!!!


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