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    Hi All,

    I have a question regarding playing DVDr's on a Goodmans DVD 2100B (sorry if it's a bit long winded).

    I am trying to backup DVD's on my PC then play them on my Goodmans DVD 2100B. However whenever I try and play them I get the message "No Disk" or similair.

    I've checked the videohelp website and that says it should be compatible with DVD+RW. I am trying to write disks with a Phillips PBD1640P DVD writer. Just for testing purposes a friend of mine backed up one of his DVD's onto a DVD+RW and this played fine. So I'm guessing there is something up with the way I'm writing the DVD or with the writer itself. For software i've tried Mr DVD, Clone DVD 3, Nero

    Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone hve any ideas of other places I could look for further information. As the cost of these players are now pennies, I would go and buy a different one, but I'm worried that the problem lies with the writer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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