Goodmans delivers new speaker for use with portable MP3 players

Discussion in 'News' started by John Archer, Oct 19, 2005.

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    <img src="" align="right">Goodmans has just unleashed a new USB speaker designed to let you play MP3 music out loud from your MP3 player. </p><P>The Goodmans ACTIVE 6USB speaker is unusually powerful for such speakers, delivering 10W RMS of power. It also looks pretty stylish in its silver finish, and stands just 23cm high. </p><P>All you have to do is plug your MP3 Player into the front of the unit via the USB socket and MP3/WMA encoder, and flick through you music using the ACTIVE6USB controls. </P><P>Other features include: <br>* Stereo amplifier <br>* Integrated MP3 decoder <br>* Standard 3.5mm audio input <br>* Front mounted USB socket <br>* Volume control <br>* Treble Control <br>* USB2.0 full speed socket <br>* Mains power only <br>* Supplied with AC adapter

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