Goodfellas - looking for a non-flipper!!


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I own a 'flipper' version of Goodfellas, and in this day and age its just not on.

I assume that there is a version out there that I can watch without having to get my ass off the sofa halfway through?

Please advise. Thanks.


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£4.49 at hmv at the moment :smashin:

Much better picture and sound quality that the old release too :)


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yes, it has a new digital transfer (the flipper was one of the first dvd releases from memory).
also, the commentaries are well worth listening to (you get 2. one with cast and the other with the real Henry Hill and the FBI agent).
second disc has 3 features on it and are all worthy of watching.

for a fiver it would be terribly rude not to. :clap:

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