Goodbye Sony D3000


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Theres a big rumor that sony will face out the 40d3000 model., im looking for one and all the shops i have called up told me that sony dont have it in stock and not sure when will they arrive. too bad after waiting and searching for months for a perfect tv for me and then this.:confused:


Production of 40D3000 ends in september but the 32 continues


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It's a real pity if Sony pulls out this popular EISA-winning model. I've waited a long time for a decently priced good-performing 37-40-incher and Sony 40D3000 was it. I'm planning to buy it between October and December. However, I'm sad to say that the situation in Finland seems to be the same: no-one seems to have it in stock and they can only give estimates on shipment.

However, there could be a silver lining to this cloud... If Sony stops making 40D3000, they will have to lower the price of their new models to fill up the price range. Unfortunately, MotionFlow+100Hz is only available on the X3000/X3500-models and those are WAY too expensive for me (plus I really don't like their look). As I will watch SD for years to come, MotionFlow is really a dealbreaker for me.

As I said in another thread, maybe this stupid move from Sony will give Samsung a chance to make 40F86 even more popular: it has Samsung's 100Hz Motion Plus. The only thing is that I really like Sony's design better (compact, matt black looks great) and Samsung's F-series is so damn wide (Sony D 981mm, Sony V/W 991mm, Samsung F86 1094mm).

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