Good Will Hunting ('free' Daily MIrror ver) aspect query

Joe Pineapples

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Finally got this through the post on monday. When i started to watch it last night, it didnt 'flag' the tv to switch the picture to 1:85 (as spec'd on the box), but actually started to play with a large border all the way around the picture. The only way i could get it to appear near full screen was to select 'cinema' mode on the tv (Tosh PF2). - though the picture quality was still excellent, even after this manipulation. This is the first DVD i've come across that initially played back like this. Does anyone know why it would do this?.



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Is it non-anamorphic letterbox 1.85:1? That could explain the 'cinema' mode to zoom the pic up to fill your W/S TV.


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Your first non-anamorphic DVD! :eek:

You luck thing, I have quite a few of 'em.

Some can look really poor on a large screen.


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I'm sure the Region2 disc I had was anamorphic. Doesn't makes sense to 'downgrade' it.


Originally posted by Deansimm
Finally got this through the post on monday. Dean
I have yet to receive mine, although I sent of for it pretty soon. But got both Enemy of the State and Face Off though they came in the wrong order I sent for them.

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