Good TV to replace my broken RU8000

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My Samsung UE55RU8000 broke 1 day before warranty ended (luckily), because of chip shortages they cannot repair it so I'm getting my €699 ($786) back. I have been looking for a good replacement that is also at least 55"and around €700 to a maximum of €900 ($787 - $1012). Gaming is not important, I'm a PC gamer and haven't had a console since the first Playstation, if I do game on the TV it's by using Steam Link. I mostly use the TV to watch movies, series and anime.

After looking around these sets are available within budget, and according to a lot of reviews should be good, but I would like some thoughts on what should be best.
  • Sony 55XH9505 / X950H / XH95 for €761 ($855)
  • Sony 55XH9005 / X900H / XH90 for €798 ($897)
  • Samsung Q80T for €799 ($899)
  • LG OLED55A16LA / LG A1 for €849 after a €100 cashback ($955)
Personally I was leaning more towards the X950H, even though it lacks VRR and 4k120, the X900 has that but from many reviews it has worse colors and brightness (especially with HDR) compared to the X950H, some say the X95 even comes close to OLED.

The Samsung is interesting but I'm worried about it breaking again like with the RU8000 and the Samsung I had before that one which broke a few months after warranty had expired, but it still is a possibility if it is a better TV than the others.

The LG is interesting as well because it is OLED, but it also lacks VRR and it is only a 60hz panel and the one thing I would miss is Steam Link, from what I read WebOS still has not gotten it, I can go without it but it would be a nice to have.


The XH9505 is a higher tier model than the other TVs and should be considered above the others.
Most comparable this year (as prices are still high) would be the TCL C825 or Philips OLED706, those two will get you HDMI 2.1 and will be better alternatives to consider versus the XH9505 than the other options on your list.

The A1/Q80T are only starter HDR models, in last year's guide the Sony XH9505 was high tier, and XH9005 low tier. The new X90J which is better than XH9005 is also just a starter HDR TV.

eXa Zeta

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Thanks for your earlier reply, the shop finally decided to refund me (took a while lol), but now the XH95 unfortunately went up in price. It's definitely still an option but another one appeared that is not much more expensive. The Philips and TCL mentioned are too expensive here. So final round is between these 2.

  • Sony 55XH9505 / X950H / XH95 which is now €899 ($1015)
  • LG OLED55B16LA for €944 ($1066)

I'm a bit worried about the possible oled burnin-in. The B1 was in last years roundup a "Semi Pro" tier and the XH95 was in 2020 "high tier", but which one is better for movies and series.


I would go for the XH9505 from those two.

B1 is 2021, BX would be 2020.

But it always comes down to the OLED vs LCD decision, it means different things to different people, with some people preferring one over the other.

If you want to use the TV in the dark, then the B1/BX will be better.

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