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Hi guys, I am looking for a good true first person shooter, I am new to console gaming but have played games in pc format for years, playing games like Doom, Quake (one of my all time favorites) COD, Bioshock ect...
but now I am getting in to console games I would like to know what games to lookout for in genre.

Many thanks for any replies.


There's good games and then there's popular ones...

But Call of Duty 4 (not 2) seems popular, Killzone 2 had it's proponents (others said it wasn't twitchy enough), I like Unreal Tournament 3 And Team Fortress (but not loads of players online), Halo 3 if you have a 360, Battlefield Bad Company 2, is good, Resistance 2 and Operation Flashpoint are better coop than vs online.

Depends what you want really? Is Borderlands a proper fps - it's great fun with mates. Console gamers are fickle, drifting from one fps to another, and really pcs are still better ultimately at fps games.
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Hi guys, I am looking for a good true first person shooter, I am new to console gaming but have played games in pc format for years, playing games like Doom, Quake (one of my all time favorites) COD, Bioshock ect...
but now I am getting in to console games I would like to know what games to lookout for in genre.

Many thanks for any replies.
COD World at War is good and it has a Zombie killing mode.

MAG has HUGE maps and something crazy like 200 players on at once. Loads of different modes like you attack a base or deffend your own.

There my favs so far on the PS3, but I have just started building a collection of FPS games :smashin:


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Going by your previous games then i would suggest modern warfare 2, its the latest cod and easily the most played fps on the ps3. You will enjoy it


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As you posted in the PS3 section then I would say PS3 is your machine of choice for me I would personally try and pick up COD4 and [email protected] avoid MW2 as its SP is poor and its online is a joke although Spec ops was great compared to it previous game tho its not a patch on them, BFBC1 is pretty decent but BFBC2 is superior and for me the best online shooter on the PS3, there are some other underated ones as well that I thought were pretty good Wolfenstien had a decent SP (still not a patch on RTCW tho on PC) The Orange box is quality and i dont think EA did a bad job on the PS3 version at all, Bioshock2 cracking again tho the first is beter, MOH Airbourne is a decent game and pretty much underatted because its et in WW2 but I liked it and Far Cry 2 is a bit different because of the great mapping community giving it so many great MP maps to play.

whatever you get enjoy your console gaming :smashin:


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Don't listen to them. MW2 is quite simply the best FPS on the PS3. Better than COD4. People that do not like it are usually just rubbish at it. Tons of game modes and tons of excellent maps if you get the map packs. Yes it has a few flaws but so does every game. Sometimes it can be frustrating, this is usually when you are not on the ball. But when you are on your game you cannot beat MW2. I reccomend it to anyone.

You have a disadvantage now though like any game thats been out a while, there is a hell of a lot of players who know the game inside out. Hopefully the matchmaking will sort this out though, it doesn;t always work though.
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sorry Mark but I disagree MW2 is flawed and bloated as a FPS, its only frustrating due to the amount of glitchers, stat padders and basic cheating that goes on in it thanks to its weak ass code, it should have been the best on the PS3 but its simply not, COD4 and [email protected] are better and I can actually play the game pretty well thanks:) and none of them can touch BFBC2.

its still a deecent game tho just there are better out there but you like it so thats cool:thumbsup:

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If you enjoy COD and Bioshock then id say Singularity, a very understated game indeed. Ive covered this for review, but its in the xbox section though the content in there will apply for the ps3 version too.

Although not a FPS you'd be silly to miss out on the Uncharted series, by far the best exclusive that Sony have :smashin:


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Noticed yesterday that Singularity is already down to £25 at Asda. Bit odd that Activision decided not to bother marketing this game, the reviews aren't bad. I'd be tempted to buy it if it drops below £20.

I just had another thought, if you're after a cheap FPS that's similar to what you'd get on a PC then have a look for "Half Life 2 Orange Box" - it's a bit rough around the edges but well worth investing in now it's in the bargain bucket category.
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I've played loads of fps on PC and consoles alot. My choice of recent fps would have to be MAG especially if you are tired of other fps games and want something different. I have gamed fps games religiously since wolfenstien and been in clans for Battlefield 2 and Counterstrike.

Funnily I first played the MAG beta and hated that. MAG beta was missing alot of stuff such as basic animations, lack of sound effects, had weird recoil issues(you could snipe with LMG while running gunning) etc. but thats a beta whereas the final game ended up amazing. To be fair i joined recently so there have also been like 5 major patches.


Modern Warfare 2 is deathmatch based. Little to no teamwork in team games but its fun in a selfish way.

Bad Company 2 while not as good as pc Battlefield. Is decent but not special long term like pc Battlefield.

Killzone 2, very good team work game. Good graphics and feel. Needed more content imo but whats there was great. Clan system is the best on any fps to date.


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Thought I'd bump this thread, as FPS is my general fix and quite enjoying my recent purchase. Borederlands seems a mix of good and bad. More on that later. So did anyone list a top 10 list of FPS games?

As Stinja said, there are different types of FPS games. Are you after good online vs action, or good co-op modes, or after an immersive solo game: be it very intelligent AI, or massive maps - whats your boat? Is Fallout3 a Role Playing Game, or FPS? Personally I like anything with action and a view down the sights. I think intelligent AI is hard to come by. I like the roaming type of games like Borderlands, and even the slightly roaming style of the brilliant game Bioshock. Then you have to realise there are the very linear (story led) games like the COD franchise.

To consider: BFBC2, COD4, MW2, WAW, MOH, Spec Ops, Borderlands, Bioshock 2, Resistance 1 & 2, KZ2, then more to come. I'm looking forward to Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Star Wars Battle Front. And the day Timesplitters 4 arrives, I'll be a pig in mud. There are a lot of FPS type games to avoid out there too (Haze to mention one).

Borderlands - quite slow beginning; reminds me of the lonely rampages of Turok 2 and picking up quirky weapons, but less colourful. Then theres the glitchy bits and the massive downloads. It naffed my first game save, it became corrupt, when I switched off and the ^ symbol had dissapeared; i now backup all my save data and quit by the proper Exit menu ingame (not PS). The game is a mix of slow boring Fallout sytle, yet the action repeats and comes quite quickly. The number of weapons is bamboozeling and not sure how well its going to work with my mates online who have stupid high rated guns; seems unfair; there should be a temporary levelling-out mode for duels.
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Dude, a lot of your beloved PC titles are on PS3.
Quake, Duke Nukem, Doom 4, Rage, Wolfenstien, Half Life, Bioshock, Resistance, Red Faction etc.
If you have not played the old titles buy them new and cheap online and work through them all.
Many are 10 quid now.

*chews gum*

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