Good source for Plush black velvet for screen border and masking

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Apr 6, 2001
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I have tried various felts and velvets from Ebay, and I finaly settled on some 'Sorcerer' black velvet from "Richard's Fabrics and Trimmings". I used it to cover my DIY border and it soaks up any spill caused by the slight picushion I get from my ananmorphic lens. I'll also be using it to make the masking curtains.

Do a search for 'Sorcerer Velvet' and it should be the only result you get.

I think it's good value at £4 per meter @ 1.5m (60ins) wide. I bought three meters and I think it's great value for a complete masking system, plus extra to cover other things that may cause reflections (tops of speakers or cabinets etc).

will pictures follow in due course, Gary?

Do you mean velvet like this??

This is the ebay number 8222451294 (couldn't link direct...sorry)

The seller set up an auction for the quantity I wanted, hence the title description!!!

Hope it's good quality

Yup! Exactly the same stuff. :)

Works a treat too.

Some pics are on my web-site, but they don't show it very well. It certainly hides any overspill that I have allowed from the anamorphic lens, so I'm quite pleased with it. Just have to make the curtains now. :)

Wow - that screenshot of Luke looks so 3D! :)

You'd swear his elbow was hanging over the screen and that pole was sticking out the front.


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What's the screenshot all about??

Don't get it. Can't be real. Feeling stupid!!
I have to own up guys - I used a paint program to extend the elbow and stick outside of the screen area. :)


Have you made your masking curtains yet? If so, got any pics?

No pics yet, but will try to get some done for you.

Cheers Gary. Is the material as effective for curtains as they are for your border?

Seems to be, though I'm currently using a thin wooden rod in a slim 'pocket' at the edge of the material so there is a nice straight finish too it. I was thinking of using some weight at the bottom to keep the edge straight and plumb, but I'll see how this pans out.

Here's a couple of pics of the curtain system.

It does need a little help to stay square, but once in place, works well.

The first pic is of one curtain installed on the r/h side, and the second pic is a close up. I can hide the cord behind the curtain. I've tweaked the images a bit digitaly so you can see things a bit better.



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Cheers Gary, nice one. I take it the shine that you have on the curtains in the pictures is from the camera flash and doesn't occur during regular viewing?

Yes, the camera flash has made the material look shinier than it is, and I think my lightening up the image to make things visible has made it look worse than it is.

I haven't had as much time to watch movies with the curtains in place recently, but it all looks much darker when you're in the room, and it's hard to see where the curtains are.

With the black felt on the walls and ceilings, the screen now looks like it's floating in space when viewing. I'll also be cutting the speaker grill material down so that it just covers the speakers and is no longer drapped between them all under the screen.

I'll see if I can get a movie in during the week and let you know the results.

Hi Clint.

After having a closer look, I can say that the material isn't visible at all. The only time I could see it is when I projected onto it completely using a scope setting with the curtains in place for 16:9 (pic 1, curtain3a). For normal 16:9 movies the curtain looks much better than not having it.

I've taken some pics of the screen with just one curtain so you can see the difference. Well worth doing IMHO. You may have to use a paint program to lighten the images up so you can see the difference between the screen and screen with the curtain in place (difference between the left and right hand sides)



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This might seem a little strange for me to suggest, :suicide: but Goo Systems sells a Self Adheasive Black Velvet Flocking (2" wide) that is getting some good reviews.

You might all want to at least check that out.
Nexnix in Horsham sell that (I did consider it due to the good reviews it gets here), but it's quite expensive and considering how much black velvet I already had, it was cheaper to use that. Black velvet ribbon can be bought relatively cheap on Ebay but it's not often that it comes in the widths we need, plus you have to use some glue with it. The Flock wiould be far easier to use I think, and more cost effective in that case.

Thanks for that Gary. Your images look awesome BTW.

MississippiMan, 2" is going to be nowhere near enough for what I'm after. I'm trying to eliminate light bouncing off walls in my lounge hence the query for the material.

Gary, one more thing though, as my HT1100 is ceiling mounted, and the ceiling is white, do you think it would be a pointless exercise? I'm sure I'd still get light bouncing off the ceiling or do you think it would make a great difference anyway?

I think the screen masking is worthwhile, but the only way to stop light bouncing off the ceiling is to paint it a dark matt colour or cover it with dark felt or velvet (preferably black).
Hmm, don't think the misses would go for that somehow. But thanks anyway.


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