Good sound system to compliment a Panny PZ70?


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I'd just like to point out, I'm horrible when it comes to sound systems, So here goes.

Probably getting a Panny PZ70, I'll be wanting a nice sound system with it.. not amazing, anything better than Nicam Stereo is fine by me to be perfectly honest. Spending limit... perhaps.. £100-200 MAX.

All I care about is as follows

-It'll work with The Panasonic PZ70 in sync ( Read that using Plasma with independant sound systems can cause loss of lip sync)
-5.1, Duh.
-Inputs for Optical and Phono ( Only going to be using the two Phono from Component, and Optical from Xbox360 and DVD player)

Now just out of interest, I am needing a new DVD player, one with HDMI and Optical, just standard that upscales.. I only have SD DVD's anyway, but I'll want them to look nice on my new 42".

I only ask in this thread since I see a lot of Home Cinema Systems actually COME with a DVD player, so that could possibly save me some hassle and money if there's a particulary good DVD and Speaker set.



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With that sort of budget you're looking at an all-in-one system. If you can muster a few more beer tokens, I would have a look at the Sony HT-DDW790 and HT-SF1100 for starters as the cheaper systems don't have the necessary inputs you require. You can compare a few different systems here. I setup a Yamaha system similar to the AV4101 at a place I worked at and it was ok for the money.


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ill move this to the All-in-Ones,as its more relevant there.

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