Good site for discovering new music



Since I don't listen to the radio and hardly watch music videos, I've been lacking inspiration for new I googled for new music blah blah
and I came up with this great site

where you type an artist/song you like and it creates a "radio station" and plays back songs you might like :smashin:

I am aware of audioscrobbler, but I do not use the programs that its plugin if anyone else has any sites where they find out about new music feel free to add!


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Nice find. Very clever and well designed. I can see this one costing me a few bob in new CDs - just like those "People who bought..." links on Amazon.


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Does anybody know where i can see the playlists for the music channels such as MTv, VH1, Q, Kerrang and all that sort? i really need some new songs


This is cool, it saves me from going to radio websites and getting the playlists. and I like how it shows album art. :thumbsup:


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Forgot about what used to be AudioScrobbler. Now If you're using a compatible media player, it logs what you're listening to on your homepage, and builds networks based on what people are listening too. You can also delve pretty deep too - how many people are listening to specific artists/songs/albums etc. Best of all, it's based on real listening habits rather than what people buy.

I haven't been on there for ages, but they've really improved it since I was last there. My page is here, more so that you can see what it does than wanting to flaunt my dodgy taste in music.

It also has an attached radio station, so you can listen to stuff too. Not that I've tried that bit.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Loved it!! Just what i was looking for... Very very nice, i don't usually subscribe to internet services, but this one got me thinking...

Thanks for putting it here, never would have found it otherwise...

(excuse my english, not my native language)


No problem guys! I know how it feels when British radio is polluted with your punk rock wannabes and makes you wonder how the mainstream market got so bad and artists wonder why they can't crack the US market! but that's a whole different issue lol

and I am using, but I find it's not that accurate because it is based on other people's recommendations, so I find I often get artists and songs that are totally not connected genre wise

But I'm glad you like it! I'm tempted to use the subscription as well because US$36 isn't too bad for a yr and anyone used 10 hrs yet?

and tera_logik your english seems perfect to me! It's mine which probably makes no grammatical sense lol!

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