Good replacement for a sky a box?


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Hi guys!

I’m after some advice - our sky q subscription is going up and up and we don’t actually watch sky tv.

what’s the best option to
Watch disney +
watch netflix
Watch prime TV
And pause rewind and record freeview TV

I have subscriptions for all the streaming services.

I’d also need a slick UI for my less than techie family to be able to navigate.



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The three main off-the-shelf PVR manufacturers these days are Panasonic, Manhattan and Humax.

While I'm a big fan of Panasonic TV's, I wouldn't choose one of their PVRs, personally. I had access to one last year for a few months (I was using it's DVD/Blur-ray recording capabilities) and I found it incredibly frustrating to use.

The models I would look at are the Manhattan T3-R and the Humax Aura, which are the latest models from those two manufacturers. Both are Freeview Play PVRs so have access to all the basic catch-up apps, but you would have to check the specs for any other apps offered. Off the top of my head, I think the Aura comes the closest to your requirements as it offers Disney+ and Prime, but (strangely) not Netflix. The T3-R lists YouTube and Britbox so appears to be less suitable, however it's a fair bit cheaper.

Check the Freeview & YouView forum for any threads on those PVRs.

I suspect you might actually be best off choosing the one which has the best PVR features / slickest interface / best support and pick a streaming device for your other streaming needs, as you're going to need one anyway for Netflix. I use a 4K Fire TV Stick which runs all the apps you need and receives regular updates. They can usually be picked up for around half price on Prime Day / Black Friday although (admittedly) both of those are a long way off ATM.


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Huh okay I was thinking of getting a computer, adding a TV input to it and seeing if there was software available that I could use to do this 🤣


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Huh okay I was thinking of getting a computer, adding a TV input to it and seeing if there was software available that I could use to do this 🤣

You could certainly go down that route if you know what you're doing, but I don't think your 'less than techie' family members would like you for it ! :D

A PVR and Fire TV Stick will be a whole lot easier and probably cheaper too.

Timmy C

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Do you have an aerial and decent reception? If so a BT Youview box will give you most of what you need then couple it with a Roku or Firestick for Disney. This is what I use when taking a break from Sky while haggling for a better deal. BT Youview boxes are made by Humax, can be picked up very cheaply in used mint condition and don't require any contract with BT to work.

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