Good reliable HD to 4K upscaler?


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Does anyone have any suggestions on a good HD to 4K video upscaler?
I have just bought a NAD T778 and it doesn't like the signal from my old Blu-Ray player but seems to work with every 4K source I throw at it. So I thought about getting a hardware upscaler to perhaps solve the issues I'm having.
I want to keep my old Blu-Ray player since it's region free (and it's a great peice of hardware).

Any input would be most appreciated!


Why don't you let your TV do the upscaling it's often far better than any upscaling on AV amps. Why throw another bit of upscaling into the mix. If the old player has dual HDMI then plug the video direct into the TV or PJ and the second to the AV amp for HD audio.


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Thanks for the reply!
I do not use my tv to upscale the picture because it does not get any picture from my amp (as I wrote above).
I don't want to switch cables between my PJ and my TV. I want to be able to switch sources via my amp. I'm a lazy guy.
The reason I'm asking for an upscaler is because I actually need an upscaler. Not out of lack of knowledge.
In any case I ordered a "Hdfury Integral 2". Seems to be able to do what I want.

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