good 'reality TV' shocker!



I watched 'brat camp' last week (against my better judgement), and I found it really entertaining. Basically there's a camp in the US where they try to brainwash tear-away kids into behaving in a civilised manner. The idea behind the programme is to send some British kids to the camp, and film the results.

Parts of it were hysterical, like the 5 hour stand-off with one kid who refused to remove his tongue stud. Other kids had their piercings removed with wire cutters. Another kid decided to pretend to be mentally ill, in an attempt to get sent home. The staff were having none of it.

The staff running the camp seem to go on the principle that they can be even more stubborn and difficult than teenagers, and it would appear to work. The camp is similar to an outward bound course, but in a particularly barren and uninviting desert. If the kids behave, they can earn luxuries such as food, and cutlery. It's going to be interesting to see the results.

To top it off, the staff go by 'native american' names, such as 'owl's wind' 'running shoe' and 'elk bladder' (or something like that, anyway). If you want to give it a try, it's on Tuesdays at 9pm, on Channel 4.


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I agree, it was great TV. I couldn't help not feeling sorry for most of the kids though as some were clearly from more 'affluent' backgrounds and...well, it's just the way I am. I wonder if the familes had to pay out of their pockets for this 'treatment' (?).



I didn't have a lot of sympathy for the kids either! They were all complete nightmares. The staff at the camp seem to be very determined, and I'm sure I couldn't do their job without resorting to using my fists.


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The "mental" kid urinating right next to the mmmmkay psychiatrist was hysterical.


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This was good.

My daughter was excited - thought it was Bratz camp (the dolls)


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Better than it promised to be. Infuriating watching the little darlings. This week I'd have tagged them & let them walk back 'home'. All this talking to the lazy b who wouldn't move! It seems promising though, with them slowwwwwwwwly comeing around. I pity the parents, & the lads whos' mail didn't arrive in time. I've also seen R&J with the end result. (sad)

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