Good quality images, cctv for under £300?


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Hi I am setting up a home CCTV kit and have a max of £300 to play with. I would like 4 cameras but will settle for two if it gets me significantly better quality recordings.
The most important thing for me is to be able to identify faces on the recordings.

I am currently considering the 'Storage Options' kit from ebuyer
Storage Options Complete CCTV Kit - 1TB DVR with 4.. | but I don't know what the quality will be like?

I have also been considering buying the AVtech 674 1TB unit from ebay and then buying the cameras separately, but i have no idea what cameras to get and what sort of price they will be.

Finally, it must be networked so I can view remotely.

Can anyone advise me on what the best kit I can get for outdoor day and night recording for £300 is? (I want wired not wireless).


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I'd have to agree with Peter and Bert....if you're looking to spend a few hundred pounds (and can perhaps stretch the budget a touch more) you may be better of looking at IP cameras rather than conventional cctv systems.

IP cameras will give considerable flexibility not just in terms of remote access via computers and smartphones but you'll also be able to record to a variety of media - a computer, NAs, off-site (to a cloud based recording service), micro SD card etc. so you'll have plenty of back up options for your recordings.


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