good quality for the price?


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im thinking of buying a home cinema system next year.

im going to be buying all the parts seperately to make a system that i like.

here is the list-


MISSION MV8 SPEAKERS - 229.95 (fronts)



MISSION MV2 SPEAKERS - 72.95 (rears)

Do you think that:

A - This is a good combination of equiptment?

B - Its worth the money?

all feedback appreciated


rikki :D


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To help the good people hear give you an answer, what are the reasons for choosing the above equipment? What sources are you going to connect? How big is the room? What percentage of music/movies/gaming will the system be used for?

Have you listened to it?


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i supppose i did miss out the most important bit of info lol.

basically it will be connected to a ps3 for gaming and blu ray and possibly a laptop just to play music, using a toshiba regza 42" screen.

my room is about 13ft x 10ft and has carpet.

i havent listened to it, but intend on trying it before buying it.

i chose the above equiptment because -

i liked the spec, seeing as the amp had 5 x 100watt outputs, hdmi input/outputs.

The speakers, basically because i like the look of them + there wattage matched that of the amp.

i dont know alot about choosing systems. so I basically chose this more on asthetics than more in depth spec reasons.



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Right, not wanting to rubbish your choices but I think you could do a lot better with your £800 budget. Speak to the likes of PeterTyson or Hifix and I'm sure they could knock up a package that would you would be happy with.

I would avoid the entry level Mission stuff. They kind of lost their way for a while and their entry level speakers aren't well regarded. I would be looking at the Q-Acoustics, Tannoy or Monitor Audio for budget floorstanders.

The Pioneer receiver you picked out isn't a good match for a bluray player as it lacks the ability to handle HD audio over HDMI. The two HDMI inputs (two are not enough, full stop) are for switching only. You would need to look further up the Pioneer range for HD audio decoding e.g. VSX-520. The VSX-420 also has spring clip speaker connections, which tells me to AVOID.

I would be more inclined to look at something like:

Yamaha RX-V667
AV receiver - recently reduced in price. Has all the features you will need e.g .HD audio decoding, plenty of inputs and Yamaha sound good with music. Give them a call to see what deals they can do with Yamaha and say, Montior Audio speaker packages.

Speaker wise, you might be able to still source some Q-Acoustics 1030i and matching 1000C centre and 1010i for rears. A cheap option might be to buy the 5.1 pack and add the floorstanders. You could either sell one of pairs on or use it in a 7.1 setup.

Another cheap option although they appear to be harder to source would be the Monitor Audio Bronze (BR) range. I couldn't find a centre though but the BR5 floorstander, BR1/BR2 bookshelf speakers are still knocking around.

If going for a separate subwoofer, have a look at the BK range.


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Thanks for your help. one thing iv noticed on this forum is that people have alot of time for each other. unlike some forums iv seen.

i will have a good read through what you have told me and do some research. No doubt ill be back with some more questions later.
I dont intend on buying anything until next year. so no doubt peices of kit will change, and prices will go up because of the vat increase.
Im going to be looking for a receiver firstly, so most of my research will be on this area at the minute.

once again thanks alot for your response and knowledge



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That amp looks like it means business lol. im definitely going to be looking into getting that exact one. i like it alot. As for speakers, i wont be getting them the same time as the amp.
If i was to buy a set of floor standers and just use them with the amp, would this be ok? as its a 5.1 / 7.1 amp.
Could i set it to stereo mode?



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You can run a 5.1/7.1 amp/receiver in 2.0 stereo mode no problem. It will detect what speakers are connected. Once you get it, post back with any setup questions. :thumbsup:


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i will do. thanks mate. Its more than likely gonna be after crimbo. possibly even after february. so there may be a newer, better one out by then.
I want to get that model or there abouts. so keep me posted on any models that are similiar and around the same price ;)
Glad i can run it off 2 speakers.



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A lot of kit gets announced in Jan/Feb at the shows e.g. CES but it's usually some months before the new models hit our shores and the shops.

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