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My Marantz DV 6001 is starting to show problems when ejecting Discs and the unit switches off, So i have been on the look out for a really good player.
Since i have linn komponent speaker set up, I thought i would look at their machines, Only to find out that they don't build them no more and unsure of the reason and i have found that the second hand market for the old machines seems to be dropping, but the ones that i have looked at, don't have a HDMI connection which i need for my set up.

I have always tried to good for a good brand, the likes of Yamaha, Marantz, Pioneer, Linn but kept clear of the samsung's and the other knock them out quick, sell them cheap brands, but looking on the DVD player reviews, its the cheaper brands that seem to get the better reviews.

I have been looking at second hand players for approx £250 with the likes of Linn, but i maybe better buying a new machine for that amount of money.

Can i ask for any recommendations for a good player, I don't have any blue ray stuff and my Marantz is mainly for Cd's and DVD's. There is a pioneer DVD player BDP450 for less than £200, which i am thinking about, But not knowing about the tech side of these machines, I thought its better to ask.

Thank you for any help


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As long as you are not interested in streaming services like Netflix etc... then the Pioneer 450 is OK as a disc spinner, I've got one in the bedroom. With 250 in your back pocket you might like to consider the Denon 1713 as an alternative. Quality of PQ and SQ will be essentially the same between the two models.

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