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Good quality desk top mini monitor?


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Considering getting something for my desktop setup. I am looking for a set of desktop powered mini monitor for my PC. I don't want multi channels I just want a good set of 2 channels speakers. Budget below $500... Any idea? I don't want subwoofer.


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Speaker with built-in amps, or an amp and separate speakers?

The Diamond 9.0 are pretty small, yet have decent response for their size, and are on deep discount at about £50/pr.

But for your budget, you can get a much better and much nicer system than that. For £500, you can get a very nice amp and some very nice speakers.

As an example -


MARANTZ PM6003 AMPLIFIER at hifix.co.uk

That puts you right on budget.

However, if you want speakers with build-in amps, then consider the Audioengine. The model 2 is smaller and cheaper than the model 5. Both are well regarded, and you can find many videos on YouTube giving more information and reviews on the Audioengine products.

Advanced MP3 Players - the MP3 player experts

The model 5 has decent sized amps, a separate port to an MP3/Ipod, a USB charger, a connection for a Mac Airport network, 5" woofer, and more.

Price about £250 per pair and there is a matching subwoofer for roughly the same price that can be connected. That puts you right on budget.

Though from the reviews I've read, the Audioengine 5's are not really lacking in bass. Even the very small Audioengine 2 can kick out some fair bass for only being 3" woofers.

Just a few thoughts.



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Hi noisemaker

I have an alternate suggestion that I've been running for years (Over 12 now I think, not entirely sure) They are still listed on the Yamaha website, though the design seems to have changed a little from the version that I have.

Anyway, the monitors in question are the:

Yamaha MSP5

The review above is from 1999, so getting on a little but the design in that review looks like the ones that I have. In my opinion they sound superb (and still do, I'm listening to them as I type this as they are still the main sound source for my computer). In fact when I took them along to a Hi-Fi retailer about 4 years after I got them to demo Subs, the dealer came back into the listening room after about 5 minutes to check that I wasn't using some of the other equipment that was set up in the room - he was very impressed with the sound they were capable of considering their diminutive size.

They are tough little buggers too, maybe not the prettiest but you can't fault the build quality, practically bombproof

I admit that these also may be a little out of your price range, the 99 review states £450, but I did a quick Google and I found a German website selling them for UK Pound equiv £214 each, so the price seems to be similar if you are able to find them where you are.

PS the sub I ended up going with to partner them (again still listening it lives under the desk) was an Acoustic Energy (AE) Aegis sub, 150w active

Hope that helps

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