Good quality 2.1 or 2.0 speakers (Student so must be affordable)


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Just bought an IPS 22" Monitor courtesy of Hotukdeals, this will be for connecting my Hackintosh to, now I'm looking for some speakers that will be able to provide accurate, good quality audio. Can you guys recommend anything? Thanks.


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First we need to know how much money you have to spend and what your requirements are? Size restrictions? Active Monitors or separate amp+speakers? Other equipment that might need to be connected? Parties or personal use? The devil is in the details.



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I'd say up to £50.

They need to connect via 3.5mm or optical.

Their main use will be for video editing purposes, so obviously it needs to produce not professional, but good audio. I'm not asking for audiophile level or anything close, just not tinny, poor midrange pap.

No size restrictions, I was just thinking that NOT having a subwoofer might actually be easier, but whatever.

Personal use. I have Z-5400's for pumping out music at stupid levels. Like I said, this is purely for video editing.


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