Good PS3 online Racing Game????


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i was just thinking i need to get a new game for my PS3 and am getting a bit bored of shooting things.

I use to have a 360 (about a year ago) and was trying to think what sort of games i used to play online then all of a sudden it just hime me that there are no real racing games on PS3 (that i know of)

a game like PGR would be spot on...a group of lads in a lobby racing cars etc..

is there any out/coming out??

i have GT5:p which i am bored of as the online side of it is pants.. is there any others?


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Although Burnout Paradise is a year old, it is still fantastic (although I don't own it) and they are still bringing out huge updates to it :smashin:

EDIT: Just realized, this is my 1000th post! I'm now a Senior Member! Wooooooooooooo :D

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Hi Nutty, have a look in the dedicated GT5P threads, there are a few of us still using this game and getting a lot out of it, there is nothing else on the PS3 that is worthy of being called a "Driving Sim" the rest are kids stuff:D

Ambient Fish

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Well done Sunnybacon, you little typer you:D


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I think Wipeout HD is the best racing game for the PS3 so far and it's dirt cheap !


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Midnight CLub LA is good fun online. It's not too serious, there are game modes such as capture the flag etc as well as racing but it is a good laugh.

There are some connection problems with friends at the moment though, both on PS3 & 360 but connecting to randoms is easy for a bash.

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One of the three:

  1. Burnout Paradise
  2. Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
  3. Race Driver: GRID
My mate's a hardcore racing enthusiast and loves option 1 and 3.
I'm more of a casual racer and love option 2 because of the amount of choice you get within it.


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Ferrari Challenge is worth a look, but I think there were online issues at release, not sure if they were patched though. Supercar Challenge is the sequel, due out this Spring so that might be worth a look too. It's very likely that they've been working on everything they received feedback on from FC, so it should be superior in every respect.

I've only played FC on the Wii (no online) and it impressed me a lot.

Burnout Paradise, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and Wipeout HD are all great online racers, each covering a different style of racing so you should be able to find something you like :smashin:


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Wipeout HD. If you like "cars" without wheels.... The finest looking and playing game on the PS3 for me. Online is a hoot too. Burnout a close 2nd. Can be spoilt by idiots online though.

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