Good projector for business and cinema?


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I'm looking for a projector that'll be good for both business presentations/training and home cinema too. The priority is probably business - I do training for groups of 8-12, in light rooms (I can't stand blinds closed all day!).

I think the priorities are:

- bright enough for presentations and short video clips without blinds closed
- fairly small and light
- quiet - to avoid distracting a training group and also for cinema
- satisfactory contrast for cinema
- flexible positioning for business, cinema seating 2.5-3m from screen

I've read around a bit and there are conflicting options I think. LCD is brighter for business, but DLP has better contrast for cinema. Small boxes may mean more heat and noise, larger boxes don't travel so well. Business machines tend to be 4:3, cinema 16:9.

Can anyone suggest a good compromise please? I can pay up to c.£1,000 and the business will pay so it's tax deductible ;o)

thanks for your advice:)


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You seem to have a decent handle on the whole DLP vs LCD and Data vs Cinema projector thing.

DLPs are generally smaller than LCDs.

Data PJs are usually 4:3. They are also generally smaller.

LCDs have a sharper picture and are better if your training material has a lot of small or smallish text. If you're using big old text like you find in most Powerpoint presentations then I think you'll be fine with most DLP PJs. If it's training on things like Word or anything which involves small text, then I think you'd be better off with LCD.

I'm no expert, but I think you're probably better off looking at LCD data PJs. That is, it sounds to me like you're going to put way more hours on this thing for data than for cinema use. I use a couple of Sony ES2 PJs at work pretty extensively and they're pretty decent. They were about £400 and are very portable. They came with a carrying case. That was 18 months ago. They can be used in dim rooms, that is, curtains open but lights off. 1500 lumens. 800 x 600. I think the ES3 is the current equivalent at about the same price. You might want to go for something brighter though. Thing is, they don't have much in the way of inputs for home cinema stuff. Although you could just hook up a laptop with PowerDVD (or whatever) and get a pretty decent picture in my (somewhat limited) experience. You won't get the contrast though, data PJs tend to be near 300 - 500:1 rather than the 2000:1 or better you get with home cinema kit.

With Home cinema kit you tend to get lower resolutions but better contrast. The ThemeScene HD70 is a 720P (1280 x 720) widescreen PJ that does 4000:1 and comes in at around £700. Pretty small and not terribly noisey, you'd just have to decide if you can get away with that resolution. Although I'm not convinced that most Home Cinema kit is designed to be moved around a lot.

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It may be worth taking a look at the Mitsubishi HD1000U, HD4000U and the Optoma EP1690. These are all wide screen projectors but have the TI 1280*768 DLP chip, so they are capable or full XGA 4:3 aspect ratio as well as 720p 16:9. Bear in mind that these machine are primarily business machines so you may see the rainbow effect when watching video (i.e. they don't have the number of segments and colour wheel speed of the HC machines).


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thanks for those suggestions guys, I'll do some reading up. PC World alos suggested the Optoma EP7150, which is bright and has good contrast, very light. But possibly too noisy.

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