Good price, worth ordering? Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition version 8


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I noticed on the Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Platinum Edition is selling for £54.99, no image at the momement. I'm sure that this is the one Mark and Senu were recommending to me but I would like this confirmed. It is a very good price and therefore will save me from mooching down Tottenham Court Road. Any comments from the two gurus would be appreciated. It appears it is being released in a couple of days, and as mentioned on another thread I would prefer a boxed version so I can get a proper manuel as opposed to a pdf download. I have to say again if this is the one recommended to me it seems to be a very good price. Over to you.:thumbsup:


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Do be aware that this isn't Vegas 8 Pro that was being discussed with you on this thread:

That product is much more expensive.
It's ok I know, after advice from the grusome twosome :D I realised that I don't need the biggy, this version will be fine for me and if I wish to upgrade I can do so, thanks for pointing it out though just in case I didn't realise it.


I have the same version as you are getting, though what with one thing and another I haven't actually been able to get to use it much yet. :(


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Right i've ordered it, sometimes if you don't act quick enough after a couple of days the price can go up (ok sometimes down as well). At least I know I got it at a good price. All I have to do once loaded is to start my learning curve :lesson: gawd 'elp me. :eek: :smashin: :rolleyes:


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I am also looking at this software but it states that its not released until 12th October... :(


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Oct 12 is the availability date for Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Platinum Edition on Amazon UK. You are correct it has been available online for a couple of months now. There is generally a delay in getting boxed versions available in the UK.

Vegas Pro 8 is already available (came out on Monday) direct from Sony; again it may take some time before you can buy it boxed from a UK supplier.


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On my original order it stated that it would be avaliable from the 17th of this month it has now changed to 17th October, yet I still have a delivery date of date of between 20 / 27th September :confused:. Well even if they have got their dates mixed up and it doesn't arrive untill a month later i'm not bothered I can download the free trial, I was going to anyway.:)

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