Good price for a Mission 78c?


Hi chaps just wanna get some reassurance,i have been looking at a matching centre for my Mission 73 floorstander, hyperfi have a mission 78c (new not refurb) for 120 delivered.What do ya reckon good price or not? would it be better than the mission 75c?, as someone was selling one yesterday in the classifieds.



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That's a good price if it's new! Mine was £200 from them not so long ago :( I wish I'd have waited a bit now.

I'd be tempted to buy the matching 78as and 78ds, as they're equally cheap.


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£120 isnt bad for old stock and certainly is competative to what the other few retailers that have these still knocking about are charging.

I do not know which would be tonally a bettwe match for your 73 series fronts but I have previously found Mission to be very good at giving advise on matching up discontinued ranges so drop them an email and they will advise


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I was looking at this centre to match to my m71s. Has anyone tried this combo? (Sorry to jump on this thread!)

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