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So today I started my long audition process - today was amps. Using a pair of B&W CM5's I tried out the Arcam A28, Roksan Kandy 2 and the Cyrus 6xpd. All were running a Sonos system the Arcam and Roksan both into an Arcam rDac the Cyrus has an onboard dac.

The Cyrus totally blew me away. Really detailed sound and phenomenal sound stage (to my ears) really three dimensional and kept a great level of detail at lower volumes. (the Roksan I liked but didn't sound so good to my ears at a 'background music' volume, the Arcam I just didn't like as much.)

So I'm pretty sure that's the amp for me. Next week i'm going to head back to try out the Cyrus with a range of speakers. The dealer has suggested I try out some Vienna Accoustics and some Spendors. Just wondering if there's any other speakers I should give a try to? I'm probably after a bookshelf speaker but might be able to accommodate a smaller floorstander. Budget Around £1200.

Any thoughts my audio friends?

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I have had alot of experience with the Cyrus amps and CD players and would really recommend you try the Spendor and Vienna speakers. Both these companies speakers are voiced to work well with Cyrus amps. Most other speakers do not gel well with the Cyrus sound. Please note I do not sell these speakers. Hope this helps.


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Spendor works well with Cyrus, its what i demo'd before i bought my cyrus kit, few others to consider, DynAudio, Vienna Acoustic, (Baby Grands) , ATC, Audiovector, PMC, KEF & B&W.


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if you liked the CM5 with Cyrus then you could try the new CM8 (it's a slim floorstander) for your budget.

PS: Originally I was looking/demoing a complete Cyrus system (CD, pre, 2 mono blocks etc...) when I bought my CM9. In the end I bought a Pioneer AVR since I couldn't hear any difference and felt Pio offered a lot more bang for the buck. I really like the compactness of the Cyrus but couldn't justify spending the cash if I couldn't spot the difference. I don't pretend to be an expert and just my humble opinion after many afternoons of demoing.


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Many thanks all, much obliged. And Lunarwolf thanks for the ps that's quite interesting actually. My problem is that I can't really accommodate 5.1 with decent sized speakers hence the decision to go 2.0 however... i'd also need to buy an HMDI switcher for the Cyrus as well (having my lounge rebuilt with hidden cables in the wall so need only one HDMI coming out to the telly). Which is rapidly adding up in cost terms. I might just for curiosities sake try either your Pio or the Onkyo 808 when i'm next in just with the front 3 speakers.

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