Good or bad?



Quite new to all this, how does this sound.

After speaking to severnoaks sound and vision in peterbourgh they recomended a fujitsu 42 inch plasma, a yamaha Rx-v1400 amp and mision speakers.

Keeping in mind my budgit is £4000 -£5000 is this kit acceptable.

I was planning on using it all for Xbox, sky, movies and some music.
I already have a jvc dvd which i was planning on using for a start.
I would also like to add a projector in the future.
Would this serve my needs?
I have also seen a Hitachi plasma 42pd3000 which seems to be about the same spec as the fujitsu, how do they compare?

Any help will be appreciated.


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Amp and speakers should be a good match. If you want to know more about the plasmas, go to the Plasma section on this forum. :)


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Dont take anyones word on whats right for you realy.

That looks ok , but what people find acceptable to them with hifi varies greatly.

I'd want 2-3 amps and at least 3 sets of speakers to listen to to compare, pref more.

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