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Just thought I would tell you about my MS Xbox support fiasco :)

Bear in mind this has taken 3 weeks and 8 phone calls to sort out.

1. Purchased a number of faulty xboxes. One had E73 so decided to send it to MS for repair. Other two I repaired myself.

2. Called MS Support as console had been previously registered and unable to register online.

3. Was asked if console was purchased second hand. I confirmed and was advised that console was now registered to me and I would receive email instructions for repair.

4. Recieved emails and and boxed up console for collection, arranged booking with UPS. Console collected and vanished to Germany.

5. 1 Week later, email received. "Dear Steven" your console has been received. My name is not Steven?

6. Call to MS Support. " Hello Steven" name is not Steven. Wheres my console? Its been repaired sir. "Can you confirm your address? I have Chester?"............. I dont live in Chester. You are not the owner.

7. 4 phone calls later...................1 proof of purchase sent. Four promises of call backs............ 5 emails. 1 proof of UPS receipt. Four new reference numbers to use when calling.

8. Wheres my console "Hello Steven, your console has been repaired".................."I need to speak to supervisor". Takes down and requests further information. I provide email from UPS to confirm console collected from my address not "Chester"
"Dont worry sir, you console is on hold in Germany and will not be sent out before the details are correctly updated"

9. A further week on. Call seven. " You console has been posted sir to the address in Chester".
By this point going ape..................this time I speak to supervisor.

10. Further information and resending of emails after lengthy discussion to supervisor. Assured he will personally take responsibility.
Advised I would give him seven days to return my console or a replacement, also told him if he didnt then he would be providing me with a complaint email / phone number to register an official complaint.

11. Phone call from supervisor. " We have contacted previous owner who confirms he has your console " ( First time console has been refered to as min )

Previous owner has said you can collect it and he has verified he returned this console to place of purchase. He agrees he is no longer the owner!

Chester is 200 miles away? You collect sir?

This as you can imagine is a very very shortened version of the complete set of events. Three weeks and 8 calls I made to support. 6 further calls were recieved.

Despite having proof of purchase,proof of collection,serial number and email console was returned to the previous owner.

12) Supervisor agrees to get the repair centre to arrange a UPS collection to redeliver it to my house.

13) Console delivered?................... NO NOT YET?

SAGA CONTINUES.........................................................:rotfl:


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If u had simply done it online, u may have not even had a fiasco, could have saved u agro/annoying calls and that long rant :rotfl:
Seriously no idea why people bother calling support when it's so damn simple to do online. :rolleyes:

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because you numpty, you cannot register a second user console online if it has already been registered doh:boring:
no need to be quite so harsh in that calling a fellow member a "numpty"

thats bad customer service though if i was you i would havemade sure that all the details were corredt eg get them to close everything start again go to the info for your serial number and repeat back the stored info

would have probably taken 5 mins and a bit of persuading but would have been worth it

it wont be long until sorted i expect though i bet the original owner is not happy that it was sold as faulty and has been fixed for free

Sniper Ash6

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so is the original seller having the Xbox picked up by M$ to be returned to you?

also why buy several broken xboxes and expect to have no hassle as they are second hand?


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so is the original seller having the Xbox picked up by M$ to be returned to you?

also why buy several broken xboxes and expect to have no hassle as they are second hand?

They are now, apparently now been collected after six weeks. Should be coming to me via Germany. A bit long winded, better than being expected to pick it up.

As for the broken xboxs. Have been buying second hand ones as have been repairing them and reselling. It was part of a batch of four, the actual error was E73 not an RROD or E74. Console looked like new and the seal was perfect. I risk a fix or just send it back to MS. In this case thought I would give it a go. Obvioulsy no risk for me.

The original phone call went without hitch and was assured the console was now registered to me and got the repair request next day. The repair email even came through to my email address.

Was no reason to suspect it was going to go wrong lol
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