Good old dilemma with a bed and a back wall, surrounds at 90º at ear level or in rear wall


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Hi guys, so basically a 5.1 setup with RP-500m all around (RP-404C center). The bed has a back wall and also has this massive-occupying-space and sound-deflecting piece of furniture. These are the floor plans and some photos of the main issue. I know surrounds can be placed at 90º (i.e. the sides) but that would create a L-R offset (I lay on the left side of the bed). Would you rather keep the offset and let YPAO correct, or place them on rear wall angled towards listening position. and if so, at what distance?
And yeah, I know its kind of messy


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It's hard to say as people seem to have varying opinions on side vs rear walls. On account of them being direct firing speakers I would suggest side wall pushed far back as possible but that could cause issues with reflections. So rear wall about 1 meter above your head but angled toward the MLP might better, depends on the overall dispersion characteristics. Your best bet is to try both options using whatever you have at disposal to create temporary stands (boxes, books, etc). You will need to EQ the bottom end because there'll be a lot of bass reinforcement.


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Do you have floor space to lay them down and fire at / bounce off the ceiling?

Give it a try and see if it adds some 'spaciousness' to things - I've done it in my current and previous setup and it does seem to remove the issue of 'direct firing' being too easy to locate / feeling dominant when not in the prime stereo position.

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