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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones Forum' started by Mulder79, Apr 27, 2007.

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    Went into the the orange shop and wanted to upgrade as im due an upgrade.. anyway the lady on the orange customer services said that i can walk into the orange shop and can have the Nokia 6300 ( the phone i wanted ) for free and with no upgrade fee ( as im in the last few months of my contract) plus i can change my tarif.

    wen i went into the shop with a old motorola handset to trade in all happy anticipating my new phone i was shocked to be told that i have to come back in on sunday as thats wen the system will allow it. I told the guy in the shop that orange customer help line told me today was ok.. anyway to cut a long story short i wasnt happy

    well the guy said come back in on sunday and instead of giving me 50 quid credit on my account for trading an old working phone in he will give me 100 credit. plus wen i asked abt the 500 mins and unlimited texts tariff ( dolphin i think) i told him that online they offer 600 mins, he said he will sort me out on that tariff too...

    so i get the phone for free 100 credit on my account and 600 mins instead of 500... all for being nice and understanding !!

    try it, it might get u somewhere lol

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