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Caught this yesterday morning. I'll admit that this is a film that I wouldn't have been my first choice to watch, the only reason I did was that the print of Another Public Enemy hadn't arrived and so had to choose something else and the ( :devil: ) young lady who was working the tills suggested this film that has apparently been put onto the list of BAFTA nominations.

If like me you've not heard of this it's based on factual events - set during the McCarthy senate witch-hunt, sorry hearings and the efforts of Edward R. Murrow to fight to get the truth out. David Strathairn takes the lead role with a brilliant supporting cast including Robert Downey Jr, Frank Lagella, Jeff Daniels, Ray Wise and George Clooney who also took on directing duties and was co-script writer. I have to say that I think that he did a damn fine job and didn't let himself down, neither did any of the cast.

The subject matter is somewhat weighty and also being in black and white will mean that all of the usual herberts will stay out of the showings( :thumbsup: ) so if you want to spend 90 minutes watching some of modern cinemas best actors in a film that gives you something to think about search this out.

<<EDIT>> According to IMDB this was released on 03/11/05 but only as part of the London Film Festival. So check local press for details.

Sorry for rambling.
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