Good news re: DVDSoon!

Will K

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Also, we are happy to announce that the titles of the items on a package will no longer appear on the packaging sticker. Instead, the word "DVD" will replace the title, adjacent to the actual value.

Taken from their site. Just after you login I think so I can't give a link.


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Now they'll nick the crap films too.


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I wish they would stop putting my telephone number on the package too!


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Originally posted by Lex
I wish they would stop putting my telephone number on the package too!

Yeh I thought that too


But i thought that the telephone number was there so that when the posties nicked it they could at least call you so you know to order another one!

Dave H

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Great news :clap: I had two great films last year go missing and I had too wait 45 days before I could get a refund :rolleyes:



But surely it will still say what the value is? So what's to get excited about?


Dave H

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because when they know what film it is say Finding Nemo which was available 8 months before the uk, it will be more tempting for a bad posty to think 'I will steal that for the kids'.
temptation is a terrible thing.


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