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hi all

i record christmas albums which my family love! (dont ask, started as a joke!)

anyway, what i need is a good mic

i get a karaoke version of a song, i then sing the vocals and mix them both.

problem is i end up having to crank the volume of the karaoke song down so my voice isnt drowned out. this means that the overall volume is low on cd players when its played.

can anyone recommend a good but inexpensive mic which will provide good quality and loud output?



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It's not obvious from your request what range of mics you are looking for. ie. Pro/serious level stuff like Shure and AKG or just a decent PC mic?

If it's just a decent PC mic then I think highly of my Logitech USB desktop microphone. Around £14-15 online and found easily. It's Digital and the levels are fairly high compared to analogue...doesn't need a soundcard as it installs it's own drivers.

I notice in Vista it's offering me 5 different 16bit qualities between 8000hz and 48000hz (DVD), including 44100 (CD).

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