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Good idea or bad?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by flog66, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. flog66


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    My front speakers are JVC floorstanders, my center channel is an Infinity Entra Center and my rears are bookshelf Infinity Entra Ones. The front speakers have good sound and imaging but the center channel doesnt match the deeper bass tonal sound that they have. Would it be a good idea to switch the Entra bookshelf speakers with the JVC floorstanders so that the fronts and center match or is it foolish to have the smaller speakers in front and the large ones as surrounds?
    Keep in mind I'm not able to spend any money on new speakers right now and since JVC is no longer making the speakers I couldnt get a matching center anyway.
    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Ian J

    Ian J

    Aug 6, 2001
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    Unfortunately I have never heard of Infinity Extra nor realised that JVC made floorstanders as most JVC stuff in the UK is tiny.

    If the Infinity speakers are decent it may be worth while swapping them around to get a matching front three but it should be easy enough to try it out and see which way sounds best anyway. You can't beat experimentation

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