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I am looking to replace the Jamo 305 front speakers that came as an all in one package with something a little better at handling music as well as movies/tv.
All recommendations are greatfully accepted.
Should I replace the centre as well and leave the two surrounds or replace the whole package?
I don't really want to break the bank but don't want to make a mistake either and end up with a system sounding flatter than it does already.

Jamo 305 speaker
Jamo DVR50 player
Sony STR-DB790.


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Knowing your budget would help.


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You need to set a buget so people can recomend kit for you. £100 , £200, £500 ??? I would get 3 speakers, left, right & center as its important to have tonal match across the front 3, and keep the Jammo's for the rears.


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For £500 there are many options open to you. I'd use your current speakers for rears and audition the usual suspects for your front sound stage (front l+r and centre). You could go for B&W dm602 s3's (£300 the pair) with the lrc60 centre (£200). OR go for a KEF Q series fronts and centre.
The only way to decide really is to go have a listen to see which you prefer. They each have their own sound charateristics and styling it's just a case of finding the one that suits you best. other makes to look out for are Mordant short, Mission, Tannoy and Acoustic solutions. All of these have ranges of speakers in your price range.
If you don't mind second hand you could even get something even better like dynaudio or even proac series speakers I'd keep a close eye in the classifieds section for some bargains.:D

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