Good films you have no desire to see again...


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If it's movies that others, critics or users on here, regard as good that I have no desire to watch again, it's a very long list.
Most Oscar winning movies I have no desire to watch once never mind again. Looking through the list the last one I watched was The Hurt Locker which I found very boring, before that No Country for Old Men which was okay but no interest in watching again. Some of my favourite movies have won Oscars but the majority are not the type of movies I enjoy. Going back further other Oscar winning movies I've watched but have no intention to watch again would be Forrest Gump, Out of Africa and The Deer Hunter.
I absolutely love Batman Begins but have no desire to watch either The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises again. I don't like Heath Ledger as the Joker, he plays it too much like Brandon Lee in The Crow in my opinion (I love The Crow) and we have the Batman stupid voice. The change from Katie Holmes (likeable) to Maggie Gyllenhaal (not likeable) didn't help. The Dark Knight Rises is even worse as we also have stupid voice Bane and the missed opportunity with Selina. I really wanted to love both and had such high expectations. I remember watching the first few minutes of The Dark Knight as an extra on the Batman Begins disc and thought it looked fantastic, then feeling a little disappointed when I first watched the movie. Sadly that disappointment has increased each time I've watched it.


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Another shout for Dances With Wolves. I'd also throw There Will Be Blood in the mix too.

And of course Gone With The Wind. Seen it twice, definitely won't ever watch it again.


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As someone who has just re discovered the joy of collecting, I am engaged in buying up all my favourite movies that I'd happily watch again and again.
However I have the urge to also purchase known great movies just to add to the collection given the ownership vs streaming debate.
There are however films that are considered by others as good films that I viewed as polished turds
The shape of water being one
More recently the lost daughter, I was robbed of time and money by Netflix for that one


And of course Gone With The Wind. Seen it twice, definitely won't ever watch it again.
So frankly richp007 you dont give a damn!

:rolleyes: :laugh:


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Films to watch every 10 years: Is there a thread? :D
As a general rule we don't regularly re-watch films. For one thing my wife prefers to watch new content but even if I was single I think I'd restrict myself to re-watching even my favourite films every 6 years or so. That way I've forgotten a lot of the details of the plot so I'm coming at them almost cold and I almost always prefer a film the 2nd time around. Of course by the time you've seen a film (say) 3 times then you know the plot pretty well but I doubt there are more than 10 films that I've ever seen more than 3 times. Off the top of my head I think my most-watched film would be Disney's Sleeping Beauty with perhaps 6 viewings. That doesn't make it my favourite (but it's up there), just that I first saw it when I was young & have seen it every ~ 7 years since.

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