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Can anyone suggest a good email provider as I'm sick of all the spam I'm getting recently with Yahoo from a company called Realativity Digital Solutions, which seem to come from different addresses as in the address section you get DigitalNewsNow, TimeForSolutions, DeliveredSolutions, etc but are all linked to this Realativity Digital Solutions website.

I've had a hotmail account in the past but found that worse than Yahoo, well up 6 months ago. I have heard Gmail is suppose to be good spam wise but I have heard you are automatically signed up to there social network site, which I don't want to be.

So is there any other good email providers that are not subjected to vast amounts of spam or is there away to get around Gmails social network, as I really don't want to be listed or part of it.

Thanks in advance

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You don't have to use the social network stuff. Just ignore that part during the setup.

Personally I keep my G account just for personal messages. Use my long-serving H*tmail for anything I do on the internet. Their junk filtering has improved vastly over the years. I rarely get anything in my inbox any more. Loads go into the Junk folder automatically, and just ignore it!


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All email providers try to keep out spam but you will always end up with some. I get more spam on my google mail account then my hotmail account.


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Speedy624 said:
I get more spam on my google mail account then my hotmail account.

I've had a Gmail account for years and get very very little spam on it whereas an O2 account I have gets it every week.

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Get your own domain, host it where you have full control over spam assassin for your account and job is a good one...The balance is that many other emails don't get through either...and that is the issue for many...

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Used a Virgin account for years: haven't had a spam email for years, it all remains on the server. I sometimes login and read some of it for a chuckle!


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Like many others my gmail accounts been excellent. I did sign up for an outlook address and I've not had any spam make its way through either so it seems all the companies have been getting their act together!


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I might switch to Gmail now, as the other day I couldn't access my account, tried the secrete question but it wouldn't work so had to do a thing with your mobile and another linked account to get access, then today I got a message about suspicious activity on the 26th, when looking at my log in history my account was accessed from the Netherlands. What good is it them sending an email to the account that has suspicious activity on warning you about it when the person that accessed it changed the password so you could not access it, they had my alternative address that they could have warned me through.

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