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Oct 20, 2002
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Following a lead given on 'Will Tivo last' thread, I placed an order for a Tivo @ £99 with on Thursday night. This was apparently accepted and I took up the first and second preferences that it offered me for delivery. Unhappiness followed, as reported under that thread.

I complained to Comet that, nearly 24 hours after I placed the order, I learn that there is none in stock. And "What is the point of your Internet service if these delays occur? Would I not have been more successful ordering over the phone?"

So far, so typical.

But, I now have an email that states:
I was sorry to note the problems you have had whilst shopping on our Website. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience you may have been caused and I assure you that the points you mentioned are being taken seriously.

Your experience was not that you could expect when you shop on our Website. As Comet constantly reviews all aspects of its operation, it is very important to receive customer feedback such as yours. We are always trying to improve our Internet Shopping and I have thereforeforwarded your comments to senior management so they can identify and implement measures to ensure good customer service and practices are met.

It is only when our customer advise us of their experience and let their views be known are we able to identify areas in need of improvement and I do thank you for taking the time to let us know.

So, let's hear it for the Comet email reponse team ...

I'll keep you posted on progress

That's a great email. It covers anything from out of stock problems to incompatible browsers. Talk about your one-stop complaint shopping. :D
Originally posted by ditton15
So, let's hear it for the Comet email reponse team ...


It sounds like you've got a pretty standard response. It could well be auto generated as it contains nothing specific to your problem.

For really good customer service, I would expect the email to contain an apology & explanation, details of how the problem will be resolved and perhaps some form of compensation too.

The email you posted just ain't good enough.
At least he got a reply?
Originally posted by alex f
At least he got a reply?

I suppose in this day and age some stores would consider it the epitome of customer service to have auto-responses.... :(
I never got a reply from Comet about a similar problem. When I phoned, because emails got nowhere, the girl said they would refund their delivery charge since they despatched after promised delivery day.

Guess what - no refund.

Didn't reply to my letter either. Gave up in the end, delivery refund wasn't much, and life's too short.......

Don't buy anything from Comet now though.

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