Good DVD Player for under £34?

My Nana is looking for a Basic slimline DVD Player that's under £34.
I've heard good reviews about the Pacific from Asda. How much is that player now?
Im going to the shop's tommorow to buy it for her.

So any reccomendation's for a Good DVD Play that will be used on a 28" Philip's CRT TV.



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holy crap thats an amazing price:eek:

In the recent issue of what hi fi, it got a 5 star rating, and they basically said its 1 of the best ever "budget" players

(I will send you the review they wrote on it)
Well she said it was good... But she just wanted a basic DVD Player. So she now has sitting on top of her black vcr and under her white sagem stb is a shiney new Duraband DVD Player which only cost £18 from Asda:eek:

The picture, IMO is fantastic for the price, watched scooby doo (it was only £6, me and my sister love it! Your never to old for scooby doo... My Uncle still watch's it!) on it and no problems what so ever.

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