good DVD and VCR models?




I wonder if folks could help me out. I need to buy 6 new DVD players and 6 video recorders for the project I run, Flicks in the Sticks. We tour Big Screen films to village halls throughout Shropshire and Herefordshire.

DVD players - I have up to £250 (+VAT) per unit to spend. Quality of picture and sound is of primary importance. Component out of course (?). The Tosh 220 seems to be a popular choice, but are there better ones I can get for my money?

Video Players - Again quality of picture and sound are of primary importance. Again about £200-£250 per unit is the budget. I don't know much about VCR's - what do I look out for in terms of quality? No of Heads?

Any thoughts or leads as to models that I can check out would be appreciated!

Many thanks

I dont know the lower end dvd market so i cant comment on that, but vcr's......what are you wanting to do with it? Use as a player only? Or to record also?

If you want only to play, i wouldnt go beyond one of the better panasonic 6** models (i have a 610 and it is as good as any vcr i have watched). If you want recording too, maybe one of the jvc svhs machines which would cost a bit more. I dont see any benefit in spending over £200 each in either case.

Hi Ad

Thanks for that. I don't need to record, so playback is all i need.

Because space is an issue (all the kit fits into the back of a car!) I was wondering about a combi solution, i.e. Sanyo HV-DX1E DVD/VCR Combi - has anyone any experience of these?

I have experience that (in general) combis perform poorly alongside non combi components. But i cannot comment specifically about dvd/vcr machines


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